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Shredfast has created the PT-126 NON-CDL Mobile Shredding Truck to efficiently shred documents in a smaller footprint. You’ll get the legendary Shredfast quality and design in a 26,000 GVW shredder.

Danfoss Control Panel

The PT-126 features a Danfoss Plus+1 PLC. It is a ruggedized unit built to handle tough conditions and keep working. Our software package includes one button start-up/shutdown and features three different settings for paper density.

Gripper Tipper & Automated Hood

The Gripper Tipper lift system can easily handle any bins up to 98 gallons and will stow a bin on the lift inside the truck. The Automated lift hood opens on its own at the start of the shred job and closes after stowing the lift in the travel position.

Walking Floor Unloading

An industry standard, the Keith Walking Floor Unloading System is fast, efficient offloading. This floor is durable, versatile and low maintenance.

Automated Conveyor Feed System

The Automated Conveyor Feed System monitors the engine torque load and automatically feeds when the shredder demands paper. Three settings help maximize paper flow by allowing the operator to adjust the conveyor speed based upon product density, which optimizes shredder efficiency.

Pierce and Tear Hydraulic Shredder

Fast, powerful and durable. The shredder uses standard 5/8” triple hook knives and a steel frame base which provides durability and a longer service life than aluminum. Lightning fast with up to 6,000 lbs. per hour processing, this unit is made for speed and longevity.



Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 26,000 GVWR 33,000 GVWR
Throughput per Hour 6,000 lb 6,000 lb
Legal Payload Capacity* 7,000 lb 10,500 lb
Drive Configuration Hydraulic/PTO Hydraulic/PTO
Vehicle Length  25'8" - 28'8" 27’8” – 33’8”
Vehicle Width  8'6" 8’6”

Shredfast, Inc. states the information on this page is rated conservatively and understates testing results through the Shredfast, Inc. manufacturing facility. Shredfast, Inc. chooses to emphasize Legal Payload as opposed to Payload Capacity.

*The term Payload Capacity generally exceeds legal weight and could result in unlawful operation.



Conveyor 'SpeedFeed' System S S
Custom Shredfast Hydraulic Shredder S S
Integrated Parker Touchscreen Control Panel S S
Danfoss Hydraulic Controls S S
Active Floor Unloading S S
Side Mounted Grip Tipping Assembly S S
Custom FRP Construction S S
LED Body Lighting S S
Enclosed Lockable Operator Panel S S
On-board Video Camera & Monitor S S S
1 Year Parts Warranty S S

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available



MasterVault Aluminum Van Body O O
Backup Camera O O
Side-view Camera O O
Tool Kit O O
Underbody Utility Box 16”x24”x30” O O
Delivery & Training O O
Cold Weather Package O O
SEM Hard Drive Crusher O O
Rosco Dual-Vision Recorder O O

= Standard O = Option X = Not Available

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