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With the ability to lift up to 175-gallon bins, the SL-100 Mobile Collection Vehicle requires less manpower to continue to provide excellent service to your clients.

MasterVault Constructon

MasterVault technology withstands impact that would destroy bodies made from lesser materials. Double-walled, interlocking and rust-proof aluminum extruded panels are incredibly impact resistant.

Accommodates Up to 175 gallon Bin

The ability to dump two 64-gallon bins, a 96-gallon bin, and a 175-gallon bin, European or domestic.

Walking Floor Unloading

An industry standard, the Keith Walking Floor Unloading System is fast, efficient offloading. This floor is durable, versatile and low maintenance.

SL-133 HS

SL-152 HS

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 33,000 GVWR 52,000 GVWR
Payload Based on GVWR 11,500 lb 20,000 lb
Payload Capacity 12,000 lb 20,500 lb
Power Plant PTO/Hydraulic PTO/Hydraulic
Vehicle Length 31’8” 34’8”

Shredfast, Inc. states the information on this page is rated conservatively and understates testing results through the Shredfast, Inc. manufacturing facility. Shredfast, Inc. chooses to emphasize Legal Payload as opposed to Payload Capacity.

*The term Payload Capacity generally exceeds legal weight and could result in unlawful operation.

SL-133 HS

SL-152 HS

MasterVault Body Construction S S
Auto/Curbside Operator Control S S
Auto-Synchronized Feed System S S
Automatic Curbside Lift System S S
Enclosed Lockable Operator Panel S S
LED Body Lighting S S
Parker Touch Screen Control Panel S S
Danfoss Hydraulic Valves S S
Hydraulic Compactor S S
On-board Video Camera & Monitor S S
Universal Grip Tipping Assembly S S
1 Year Parts Warranty &Extended Gold Seal Warranty S S

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available


SL-133 HS

SL-152 HS

HDS-V2 Hard Drive Shear O O
175 gallon lift capacity O O
Active Floor Unloading O O
On-board Digital Video Recording System O O
Backup Camera O O
Tool Kit O O
Spare Parts Kit O O
Underbody Utility Box 16”x24”x30” O O
Underbody Utility Box 48”x24”x30” O O
Remote Keyless Entry O O
Rear Bin Hangers O O
Delivery & Training O O
3′ Extra Storage Area O O
Cold Weather Package O O

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available

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