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The RL-520i – Mobile Collection Vehicle comes equipped with a Gaylord collection system for fast and efficient unloading of Gaylord bins. It also features a dual function storage compartment for increased payload.

Dual Function Storage Compartment

The RL-520i – Mobile Collection Vehicle features a rear storage compartment that can be configured to store bins or to increase the payload area to collect more documents.

Rear Dock-Height Loading

Patented auger distribution system utilizes two hydraulically powered augers to efficiently distribute documents into the payload area.

Gaylord Collection Unloading

The Gaylord Collection System on the RL-520i allows for loading paper into Gaylord bins. It is a fast and efficient way to load and unload paper from the payload area.

IntraAuger Loading System

The RL-520 Freedom Series collection vehicles are the only vehicles in the industry that have a rear dock-height loading capability. This feature allows operators to pull the vehicle up to any loading dock and be easily configured to be loaded from this height.

Under 24' With 12 MPG Fuel Economy

You will immediately benefit from the fuel savings of a Class 5 commercial vehicle and welcome parking without restriction. At under 24’ from bumper to end of body, your operators will be free to navigate congested urban environments.

RL-520i - Mobile Collection Vehicle

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating19,500lb
Legal Payload Capacity6,100 lb
Height10’ 1”
Tare Weight13,400 lb

Shredfast, Inc. states the information on this page is rated conservatively and understates testing results through the Shredfast, Inc. manufacturing facility. Shredfast, Inc. chooses to emphasize Legal Payload as opposed to Payload Capacity.

*The term Payload Capacity generally exceeds legal weight and could result in unlawful operation.

RL-520i - Mobile Collection Vehicle

Shredfast Grip Tip Carriage for 64/96 Gallon BinsS
Rear Bin StorageS
Dock Height LoadingS
Gaylord Collection System & UnloadingS
Danfoss Hydraulic SystemS
Ground Height 6-Button Control SystemS
Dock Height 6-Button Control SystemS
Maxima LED Clearance LightsS
Maxima LED Strobe LightsS
Dual Function Storage CompartmentS
IntraAuger Loading SystemS
Wheel Chocks & HolderS

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available

RL-520i - Mobile Collection Vehicle

Isuzu NRR 19,500 GVWS
Hino 195 19,500 GVWO

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available

RL-520i - Mobile Collection Vehicle

Backup Camera & Side Mounted CameraO
Vulcan Load Beam ScaleO
Delivery to LocationO
Installation of Supplied GPSO
Hydraulic Tank HeaterO

S = Standard O = Option X = Not Available

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