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Whether you’re collecting 32, 64, 96, or 175 gallon bins, european or domestic, the PBR-100 Portable Bin Rotator will rotate it.


With an optional battery pack and wheel attachment, the PBR-100 is a truly portable unit. It allows for easy moving to multiple locations in a plant-based shredding facility.

Lifts All Sizes of Euro & Domestic Bins

Whether you process 32, 64, 96, or 175-gallon European or domestic bins, the PBR-100 will accommodate it.

Battery Pack and Wheel Attachment

The optional battery pack and wheel attachment make the PBR-100 a truly portable unit. It allows for easy relocation of the bin rotator in your plant-based shredding facility. 


Construction Steel
Weight Capacity 750 lbs.
Volume Capacity 32, 65, 96, 175 Gallon European or Domestic
Release Height 48”
Width 67”
Height 60" 7/8
Depth 69"
Max Height 105"
Max Depth 79" ¾
Bin Restraint Universal Auto Latch (UAL)
Drive Component Hydraulic Ram
Power Source Electric Over Hydraulic
Electrical 110V/220V/3Battery 12VDS
Control 4 Way Joystick
Safety Equipment Expanded Metal Surround
Warranty 1 year parts

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